Marble Hill Houses Community outgrew its first garden, and in 2018 artist Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong was selected to work in what is today TERRACE, a continuous multi-faceted garden-pavilion connected by symbiotic relationships between plants, people and architecture.

The new gardeners wanted to have a place that would welcome the interaction between them, by incorporating seating and other elements for the development of workshops and other activities. They also wanted to use the act of planting and observing growth as the site of shared activity.

Its plant-life selection is derived from series of companion plants — plant combinations that mutually power each other to grow. The plants become a microcosm of the analogy of working together as a community and TERRACE became a unifying element on the grounds of the Marble Hill Houses.



Marble Hill Houses is a NYCHA complex located in the Northwest Bronx, some of the buildings of the development belong to Manhattan, which creates a unique political reality for its constituents. The demographics of the area are predominantly Hispanic, Caribbean and African-American.

Even if the area is flooded with big box stores, and malls, it remains to be a food dessert where the healthy options available are not accessible to the income of the residents. This is partially due to its proximity to one of the richest neighborhoods in the Bronx, Riverdale, located on the top of the so called hill.


Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong is a New York based artist and a trained architect working at the intersection of these disciplines. Through installation, public art and site-specific architectural interventions, Wong investigates the transformation of space over time. As an educator, she teaches university-level architectural design and design-build courses. Wong has worked on several public art projects, temporary and permanent, with municipal bodies such as the New York City Parks Department, the City of Inglewood Department of Parks & Recreation and the District of Columbia.