Rosa Cabrera

Nishat Firoj

i’m just a little much for everyone i love,
amongst a bouquet of silver flowers,
i’m a lavender foxglove,
growing sideways and upwards.


i tried to grow tall enough to be another star in your sky,
but the azure ripples of your universe became a whirlpool,
pulling me under, under the piercing night,
yet, somehow, my roots held strong to the earth around me.

i tried to grow my roots deeper into the rusty ground below,
but my leaves grew weak and my stem became invisible,
and your sky released a tornado of snow,
and yet, somehow, my flower petals pushed forward.


i love myself, i love the people in my life, i love love,
in a field of waving white wheat, i am a violet foxglove,
against the soft blue sky,
you can see me reside
in my own space,
by my own grace.

Sound Experience

We showed each of the garden members what the sound of plants is as synthesized by a midi sprout, in the hopes that they will connect with the internal life of the plants. Even though we see them stagnant, plants are alive, always moving, always singing, always running with water inside, and music is a great gentle reminder. This sound was created by Midi Sprout.