Roberto Melendez

Country of origin:  Dominican Republic
Plant: Flamboyant

Delonix regia is a very distinctive tree with large, bright red flowers. The genus name is derived from the Greek words models (meaning conspicuous), and onyx meaning claw, Referring to the appearance of the spectacular flowers. The tree is Commonly cultivated in the tropics and subtropics, including Madagascar, for its ornamental value, but is under threat increase increasing in its natural habitat due to habitat destruction.
Restricted to the dry forests of western Madagascar, where it grows in the north and west of the Bemaraha massif, as well as in the dry forest around Antsiranana as far south as Daraina, and possibly also on Nosy Be. Delonix regia however it is, Also Commonly cultivated THROUGHOUT Madagascar and in many other tropical countries. It has naturalized in some places Become,: such as parts of southern Florida in the United States, and is invasive in parts of Australia, where it competes with native vegetation.