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Permaculture: Seeding Diversity at Terrace

Date: August 9th 11am-1:30pm

Facilitators: Juanli Carrión, visual artist.

Place: Terrace Garden. Located on Broadway at 228th St (Marble Hill Houses).

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Cost: Free

Participants: Children ages 5-12. 


The workshop will consist of two activities: The craft of a Seed Community of plant people illustrating the diversity of the natural world and Marble Hill community members, and a series of seed bombs to be planted in the garden. This will happen while also incorporating derivative activities, including lessons on seeds and plants origin, seeds migration, ecosystems, and different weeds and grass around the world. The craft will include basic plant care, and various craft-making with soil, seeds and other materials.

There will be an introduction to further explain what an Ecosystem is and how seeds travel from one ecosystem to another. During this introduction children will learn about different seeds, grasses and other particularities of an ecosystem, with an emphasis on diversity, collaboration, holistic coexistence and permaculture. This introduction will also be used to talk about the aforementioned analogy relating the communities of seeds/plants and neighbors, promoting multicultural tolerance and understanding.