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Caribbean Stews! Vegetarian Asopao at Marble Hill

Date: August 10th -12-2pm 

Facilitators: Happy Healthy Latina (Yadira García).

Place: OSS#MH Garden. Located on Broadway at 228th St (Marble Hill Houses).

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost: Free

Participants: Adults, families and seniors.


Come explore the African ancestral culinary influences on the Caribbean through an exploration and hands on class of making Asopao aka Caribbean Gumbo or Risotto. Asopao is a hearty rice focused stew known to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, and is a tasty and affordable way to incorporate root vegetables, tubulars whole grains and fresh herbs.

Eaten year round in our countries you’ll make a vegetarian version that begins with making your own fresh Sofrito for maximum flavor. Finish off with learning how to maximize kitchen time and ingredients when we transition from savory to sweet with a dairy free Arroz Con leche integral.