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Adults – Recovering Ancestral Knowledge: DYI Sofrito / Sazón Lab at Marble Hill.

Date: 08/05
Time: 12:30-2:30pm
Facilitators: Chef Yadira Garcia.
Place: MH Garden. Located on Broadway at 228th St (Marble Hill Houses).
Duration: 2 Hours
Cost: Free
Participants: Families: Adults and children’s of all ages. 10 families.



Community Foodtivist, Natural Foods Chef and Holistic Health Coach Yadira Garcia will work with community residents to use nature, observation, and hands on cooking demonstration and participation in the Outer Seed Shadow garden located in the Bronx’s Marble hill to curate a nutritious, delicious and educational experience for appropriate for younger and older residents that live on the property Using the items planted by residents we plan to have the following stations for residents to participate in during two workshops.

In each workshop a group of 20+ people meets at the garden to participate in the workshop with the following structure (Amount of participants can be adapted to the necessity of the partnering organization):

DIY Sofrito /Sazon and Herb Lab

One of the biggest problems plaguing our community is not only food accessibility but also the preparation of these foods. Many of our traditional cultural seasonings such as Sofrito, Recao, Sazon have been culturally appropriated by large manufacturers and corporations who have since filled these seasonings with high amounts of sodium, preservatives, sugar or artificial fats and unhealthy oils.

These seasonings directly contribute to the propagation of disease states such as hypertension (high blood pressure), cholesterol, early onset of diabetes and Obesity.

Station 1

We will have a demo table showing these manufactured seasonings and display the amount of sodium, sugar, salt, fat as compared to RDA (recommended daily allowance) to help illustrate to community members how harmful they are.

Station 2

Through this workshop community member will have the chance to prepare their own food seasonings, much based upon what is growing in the garden. They will learn the art of blooming spices to extract maximum flavor and we will use a blender and food processor to show how to prepare Sofrito, Sazon, Adobo. Residents will then be able to bottleand take their seasonings with them, in labeled mason jars.

Station 3

We will showcase delicious traditional preparations of using garden made sofrito, sazon, and adobo recao. Such as a whole grain Moro using brown rice, fresh herbs and pigeon peas.