#02 (Brooklyn)


Like in #01, for OSS#02 Brooklyn, coexistence, cultural identity and immigration are likewise the parameters that shape the garden installed in late May 2016 in the North East corner of Fort Greene Park. For this edition, residents of the Brooklyn are being interviewed.

Community engagement is built into OSS#02 from its conception, with the garden’s physical design dependent on the results of videotaped at-home interviews with local residents asked to recount their individual stories about cultural adaptation, coexistence, and history. At the end of each interview every participant is asked to name a plant of their choice, which will be planted in a garden shaped like Brooklyn blueprint.

Conceived as a living sculpture, the garden was open for five months, serving as a centerpiece to articulate public programming that further discussed coexistence, immigration, and cultural identity.



OSS#02 is a project made in conjunction with

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Juanli Carrión

Ana Orozco
Public Program Coordinator

Matthew Blair
Construction Assistant

Chad Pillieri
Volunteer Construction Assistant

Hector Grajales
Volunteer Construction Assistant

Bryn Dunbar
Volunteer Planting Assistant

Vik Gill
Volunteer Planting Assistant