Marila Caraballo


By Chris


Verbena waves, lofty bloom,
Brightens up, dispels the gloom,
A metronome in the breeze,
Guaranteed the eye to please.


Bonariensis, second name,
Spreads around, all the same,
Season’s end, seeds are set,
Sparrows perch, seeds to get.


Just like sunbirds on the flower,
Holding tight, pecking power,
This fine plant has it all,
Easy, bright and very tall.

Sound Experience

We showed each of the garden members what the sound of plants is as synthesized by a midi sprout, in the hopes that they will connect with the internal life of the plants. Even though we see them stagnant, plants are alive, always moving, always singing, always running with water inside, and music is a great gentle reminder. This sound was created by Midi Sprout.