Country of origin: Taiwan
Plant: Tangerine Tree

Tangerine is a variety of the Mandarin orange. It is a member of the citrus family and produces rather small and sweet fruits that are easy to peel. Like other citrus fruits, it contain a lot of vitamins.
There are many varieties of tangerine with different colors and taste. Some are called tangerine, others are called mandarins, and sometimes these names are mixed. Clementines are seedless tangerines. Tangerine is an evergreen tree. The origin of tangerines or mandarin oranges is in south-eastern Asia and the Philippines. Now produced in most tropical and subtropical countries.
Tangerine trees are usually thorny with slender twigs. The lanceolate leaves have small, rounded teeth, and narrowly-winged petioles.The tangerine fruit is oblate with a bright-orange or red-orange peel when ripe. The peel is loose and separates easily from the segments. The small seeds are pointed at one end. It can be grown in grown in tropical and subtropical areas and they are grown from seeds or by grafting. The fruits are usually eaten fresh, for example as a dessert fruit. Segments are sometimes sold canned. The fruits can also be used to produce tangerine juice. Essential oils are used in perfumes.