Cecilia Jurado

Country of origin: Perú
Plant: Cantuta

Cantuta, Ccantu is a flowering plant found in the high valleys of the yungas. It is the national flower of Peru and one of two national flowers of Bolivia, the other being the patujú. The Bolivian national flower is in fact a particular variety of qantuta, the “qantuta tricolor” which has red petals, a yellow floral tube and a green calyx, reflecting the colors of the national flag.
Brilliant magenta flowers cover this amazing evergreen shrub in Spring & intermittently throughout the year in temperate climates. Hardy to 20 degrees F with pretty bright green foliage, it grows quickly to a multibranching 6’ x 6’. The 3” long flaring trumpets are held in clusters of twelve or more & display bright blue pollen on the stamens. Adored by hummingbirds! Can be pruned to a shorter size & grown in a large container (15 gal. or larger) or espaliered. It enjoys rich soil (tolerates worse) & a sunny sheltered spot. Native to the Andes. Does not fair well in hot & humid climates.