Bibi Calderaro

Country of origin: Argentina
Plant: Linden Tree

The Linden, or Tilia, genus comprises about 30 species of trees, native throughout most of the temperate Northern Hemisphere, in Asia (where the greatest species diversity is found), Europe and eastern North America. They are alternatively known as basswood (in the US) and lime (in the UK).Lindens are large deciduous trees, reaching 20 to 40m tall, with wide, heart-shaped leaves 6-20cm across. The exact number of species is subject to considerable uncertainty, as many or most of the species will hybridize readily, both in the wild and in cultivation. The linden is typically an ornamental shade tree, producing fragrant and nectar-producing flowers, the medicinal herb lime blossom. They are very important honey plants for beekeepers, producing a very pale but richly flavored honey.