Plant Adoption Event

Date:  Saturday, October 22, 2016
Time:  11AM – 3PM
Place:  OSS#02 Garden at North East Corner of Fort Greene Park

On Saturday, October 22 the #02 of the public art installations series “Outer Seed Shadow” (OSS) will close to the public after five months of exhibition. For the occasion all the surviving plants representing the interviewed immigrants will be available for adoption.

The Open Garden

Date: August 1 – September 30, 2016
Facilitators: Juanli Carrión, visual artist + Brooklyn Urban Garden (BUG) Gardener.
Place: OSS#02 garden. Fort Greene Park northeast corner (Myrtle Av & Washington Park)
Duration: 2 Hours

Cost: Free

Participants: General public. All ages 5-99. No previous gardening knowledge is required. Children younger than 8yo must be accompanied by an adult. Between 8-18yo they must come with one or two adults from their organization/institution.


The Open Garden workshops are OSS#02’ flagship program to engage directly with the community. This program establishes partnerships with local organizations and institutions, to use the garden as a living classroom, laboratory and case study. In each specific case we design and scheduled a workshop tailored to the interests, ages, background and needs of each partner, to take place once a week between August 1st and September 30th.

The “Open Garden” workshops are hosted by the artist Juanli Carrión and one gardener from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s program BUG, which will provide gardening classes.

OSS#02 is a community garden built with plants from all over the world. The survival of these plants in the garden through the five months of duration of the installation relies on the community. Each plant in the garden needs very specific care coming from such diverse places of origin, like the people who selected them. We will have palm trees growing next to tomatoes, or willow trees growing next to avocados—a great botanical and horticultural challenge that works here as a metaphor of the reality of the people who selected the plants.

Many of our partners (public schools, high schools, colleges course, other community gardens, neighborhood associations, etc) are bringing different groups of students, artists and members of their communities or programs to take part in the workshops.

In each workshop a group of 5-10 people meets at the garden to participate in the workshop with the following structure:

  • An introduction to the garden/installation carried by the artist to put them in perspective with the project as a whole. (30 min).
  • A gardening workshop with the assistance of the gardener in which the group will “get down in the dirt” and tend to the plants that require care. Learning about origin of plants, specific facts about their care and interaction with the weather, soil, water and other plants. (1 hour)
  • A round table where we will discuss the day’s experience and how it reflects on immigration, social interaction and cultural values, including a short questionnaire/survey. (30 min)

Cave Dogs Performance

Dogs_Cave_Story Teller
Date:  Saturday, September 17, 2016
Time:  8:30PM
Place:  Myrtle Av lawn in Fort Greene Park

Sure-minded Uncertainties

On the occasion of their collaboration with OSS#02, the shadow performance group Cave Dogs will perform Sure-minded Uncertainties, which explores how immigration and the interplay of materialism, spiritualism, technology and stewardship of the earth shapes our modern world. The performance examines the nature of existence on the physical and metaphysical planes through the divergent lenses of micro and macro perspectives. A range of fantastical characters acting as modern day archetypes navigate a series of transformations through five short stories interweaving their fundamentally similar, but often out of place worlds. The work, when viewed in its entirety, forms a collective narrative that addresses mankind’s complicated relationship to each other, nature and its resources. Sure-minded Uncertainties uses innovative visual effects and an original sound track to create a rich experience that documents and preserves important cultural voices and stories.

Cave Dogs brings together visual artists, puppeteers, musicians, dancers, storytellers, and writers in the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration. Our medium evolves out of two ancient traditions; shadow puppet theatre and storytelling – and several contemporary art forms including film, video, sound, computer-generated animation and performance art to create multiple, richly layered visual tableaus, and produce effects that conjure both the dreamlike quality of early experimental film and the humor of contemporary animation. We invite the audience to both de-construct these shadowy illusions while they are caught up in the intriguing layers of effects.

OSS#02 as part of BRIC’s Stoop Series

BRIC_Local Connected and Creative_Emailable JPG 2
Date:  Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Time:  7PM
Place:  BRIC Arts Media
647 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11217

Claiming Places

How Brooklynites from all over the world are using radical gardening, art-making, and wellness as tools for reclaiming public spaces and building community.

A discussion and forum, including artist Juanli Carrión (Outer Seed Shadow Project); Shaquana Boykin (Community Organizer, MARP); Paula Z. Segal (Executive Director, 596 Acres); Esther Robinson (ArtBuilt Mobile Studios); and artist Esperanza Mayobre (OSS#02 interviewee).

Organized in collaboration with BRIC Arts Media as part of Their Stoop Series, a series of talks that illuminates the arts and life around us in Brooklyn through artistic performances, presentations, participatory activities and dynamic conversations. Explore music, visual art, film, media, storytelling, comedy, and other creative fields. There’s something different every week!.